A Nurse You Know and Love – Amanda Shares Her Story

Posted on 18 March 2011 by Birth of a Mom

Well, where do I start?!? My name is Amanda. I was born and raised in Michigan (soooo not a fan of the football team; you can’t help where you were born….but at least I picked the right state to move to right!?!?). I have one older brother and one older sister. So, that makes me the baby of my family. I am totally spoiled rotten, and I am usually causing a scene somewhere at some point. It’s like when your toddler gets really quiet and you wonder what they are doing, only to find them behind the couch cutting their hair or eating glue. Yep, that’s me! (not the eating glue part, but the mischief making). Maybe that’s why I don full costume at work for every holiday! I just want to make people giggle a little every-time they cross my path.

I went to nursing school and graduated from Oakland University in Rochester Hills, Michigan. I feel like I always knew I wanted to be a nurse. My mom was a nurse, so I remember watching surgery videos when I was like 5! Unfortunately, they don’t offer surgical clinicals in nursing school. I swear for the first 3 years of nursing I thought I made the biggest mistake by enrolling in the program. Luckily for me, my senior year I had my labor and delivery rotation. I had finally found my niche, found where I belonged! I graduated, got married to my wonderful husband Mike, and moved here to Columbus. The first job I landed was not labor and delivery. (Big sad face!!!) I actually found myself working at Riverside Methodist Hospital’s Cardiac step down unit. It was crazy stressful, but I learned a lot and gained some fabulous assessment skills from that unit. I swear I learned so much on  that unit all in one day and I would not trade that experience for the world!

Then things just started to fall into place. I interviewed for a High Risk unit position, got the job and started orientation. From there, I transfered to Labor and Delivery pretty quickly. And I am in heaven! I work with some pretty amazing people. True, this unit has its ups and downs. The bad days seem just awful sometimes. Your heart aches for those families who have suffered a loss. But more often than not, Riverside Methodist Labor and Delivery is a constant birthday party! There is love and laughter bursting at the seams, and I promise you, there is nothing better than seeing the joy and happiness that literally pours out of these families when they see what a miracle they just created. It is such a special time, and how lucky am I that I have been unknowingly invited to join in that little someone’s birthday party?!?

As for the show, we had a blast filming it. When I found out Riverside was going to be on the show One Born Every Minute, it was a little nerve racking at first, I am not going to lie. You want to portray your hospital and unit in the best light you can. But, you also want people to see how things really go down on a daily basis. The filming crew we worked with could not have been better. If it were up to me, I would totally sign up for another season!

So for Labor and Delivery, no one is perfect. Nothing ever goes 100% according to plan (especially when having a baby). There is always going to be someone screaming on one side of the hallway totally epiduralized, while in the room right next door there is a mom pushing out a 10+ pound baby with no drugs and she’s not making a peep! You can not make it through a shift without someone pressing the call light for “tones down” and we all go running in to prep a patient for a stat c-section and save a baby’s life. Or, on that rare occasion, when things have slowed to a dull roar, it’s nice to just pull out all the stops and have an impromptu wheelchair race from time to time. But more often than not, it’s when your patient is holding her new baby, looks up to you and thanks you for being her nurse…you go home knowing that you made a difference at work that day. I am just too grateful the Lifetime crew was able to capture those moments (the good, the bad, and the funny).

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5 Responses to “A Nurse You Know and Love – Amanda Shares Her Story”

  1. Shannon says:

    The show is great and your personality really made the episodes you were in!

  2. Jennifapiner/Courtney says:

    Amanda, You are one of the most compasionate and caring person I know, your personality shines through on this show and Im very proud of you..Love You Memo!!!

  3. Meghan says:

    I’m not sure that you’ll ever read this, Amanda, but I hope to be as good of a nurse as you are someday. I’m still just completing my prereqs so that I can be advanced into my university’s nursing program, but I already know you are the kind of nurse I’m going to strive to be like. Someday I hope to work on a labor and delivery floor as well – it has been my dream for years! I’m definitely most excited for that rotation when I do my clinicals. Thanks for sharing what you do!

  4. Laurie says:

    Dear Amanda: I know you were an answer to my prayers when Jen was there to have Jasper. You were exactly the right person to be her nurse. We have loved every episode of the show, but always scream, “There’s Amanda!!!!” when you get on camera. I’m only sorry we weren’t there over a holiday to see what costume you’d be wearing. : P Hugs, Laurie Gatton

    • Amanda says:

      It is I who am truely blessed to have taken care of such a strong young woman! Despite being only 17 at the time…little jenna made me stop and realize what being young and in love is all about. Her and josh were so connected to one another and they had such a bond with jasper already! Jenna is a beautiful person inside and out. She has the best support system anyone could ask for. I know she is going to be (pardon my french) one hell of a great mom! especially if she is anything like you! keep in touch, and remember me for future grand babies!!! ;o)

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