Tips for Moms Returning to Work After Maternity Leave

Posted on 12 March 2012 by Birth of a Mom

Returning to work after maternity leave poses many challenges for new mothers. You’re juggling more in your life as a working parent – not only the usual work hours, dinner preparation, household chores, time for yourself and time with your partner, but now the time-consuming tasks and pleasures of your new baby.

Here are a few tips to help ease your transition back to work after maternity leave:

  1. Try to schedule your return date for mid-week, such as a Wednesday, to make your first week back a short one.
  2. Talk with your boss about job duties, expectations and any required flexibility you may need when you return.  If you do this before your leave begins you will be more comfortable returning.
  3. Stay connected to your baby and family by placing pictures in your workspace and by making a phone call once a day to check on your new baby.
  4. Accept that you many feel guilty or sad – it’s normal.

What was returning to work like for you? Do you have any other tips, insights or stories to share?

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