Parenting Expert Yvonne Gustafson Shares Her Story

Posted on 27 June 2012 by Birth of a Mom

Before becoming a mother and a parent educator, Yvonne Gustafson, PhD, was a high school math teacher. However, the birth of her own children led her to ask the question, “What does it mean for us, as adults, to raise another human being?”

Yvonne was experienced with the mechanics of taking care of a child: changing a diaper, feedings, and the overall flow of a day. She had grown up in a large family and shared in the responsibility of taking care of younger siblings. After having her own children, Yvonne realized just how much more there was to know about being a parent.

When her children were five and one years old, Yvonne took her first parenting class from a community resource. After only one class, Yvonne admitted that it was already easy to say “I wish I knew then what I know now.”

After moving to Ohio, Yvonne chose to complete a PhD, and has been working with families ever since. She has seen quite a bit in her 30+ years involved in parenting education and support and has had the opportunity to work with many wonderful young families.

“I think that what makes me good at my job is that I remember days that were a year long,” she says. “Knowing that very loving, very conscientious parents can feel very tired, stressed, overwhelmed, and sometimes lonesome in the job contributes to my ability to say that I have some sense of what it feels like to live through what they’re living through.”

To benefit from Dr. Yvonne Gustafson’s expert advice, call the Parenting Helpline at (614) 566-4446 or register for one of OhioHealth’s many parenting classes at

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